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Dual FSESC4.20 100A Test

This is my review of the FlipSky Dual FSESC4.20 100A. This dual ESC is the same price as many other single VESC’s, it's definitely a value. I am so surprised at how well this ESC performed. Your not going to build a racing board with it, but for a mid-range ESC it performs above average.

    --by Mike Maner (esk8.builders administrator)

     from USA

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Dual FSESC6.6 Test Review

Test by Artem Papura(Russia  esk8 group administrator  Электро-лонгборд / Электроскейт DIY  )

   from Russia

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Dual FSESC4.20 Review Test


   from French

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Dual FSESC6.6 Review

Test by KurTrox

 Application in Robot test :

The robot blows off car tyre

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FSESC6.6 Test Speed at downhill

Test by Benjamin Lafay

 from French

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FSESC6.6 30KMH Uphill Test 10%/15%/20%

Test by Benjamin Lafay

(an eskating enthusiast and full riding experience)

from Fance

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FSESC4.12 Applied to robot

Customer's thermal Camara test the FSESC4.12 and the BLDC motors

FSESC4.12 & BLDC motor6374 Test Review

Hello, Grace

Just a little update about the FSESC, they're doing great!! Here is the current temporary setup to test the two motors and temperatures:Of course the lectronics will go in a proper enclosure once I have done all the tests!This is also interesting, I have a thermal camera, and as you can see in the following image, The ESC's remain properly cool (about 35°C after a 13km ride!)The motors get about 45°C warm, and the black motor left side, gets a bit warmer due to more limited airflow than the red one.There is also a warm spot on my left tire, due to the belt rubbing against it, very interesting!

     - By Maxime Lebrun

      Max Climbing VOF


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FSESC6.6 Test Review

I am very impressed by these.

- By Jayme Steffen 



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FSESC6.6 Test Review BY eskateboard DIYer

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FSESC4.12 Customer Review

Hi Gemma, it's very good. Easy set up and install. I'm using a friction drive N5065 motor on my mountain bike. Tested it at 12volts and got 22kph, then tested at 29volts and got 39kph now I'm waiting for another battery and will test it at 42volts and hoping to hit that 50kph mark. Will most likely push it to 54 volts in the near future to see just how much it can handle. Is there somewhere I can leave a review to help you guys as I'm very happy with the controller so far

          - From Australia customer

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Test review on FSESC4.12 with aluminum case

"i bought this for my vesc and fts right in, product is well finished and it comes with thermal paste already applied at the places where the mosfets are. It gives the vesc a good protection and the ability to directly mount it wherever you want to. I plan to mount it on a copper plate which will then lead out of the enclosure to some cooling fins. For the money great value."

   - from Benjamin899

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FSESC6.6 Review By eskateboard repair man

"I am very impressed with the FSESC 6.6 so far.

Yes you can use it, I am very happy with the product so far! Good work :)"


- By Martin Sprušanský ElectricSkateboard.repair

   from Slovakia

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End user feedback on FSESC6.6

"Yes i recieved yor FSESC.

I have to admit that quality is stunning!"


- By Pawel Trznadel       


  from Poland

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FSESC6.6 Test By esk8.fr Administrator

"The finish is really good. There are many small details like seals; a trap to gain access to the connectors, which also has a specific seal; just like on motor connectors.

I have not tried yet level finish is really good at all, even surprising enough. We are clearly on a product reflected in its entirety."

      -By OKP


       from France

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FSESC6.6 Test by professional rider

"Hey Iris

Works perfectly

that's your ESCs"

 - By OKP


 from France

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FSESC6.6 Test Review by eskateboard DIYer

"FlipSky happen to be the ones we’ve found most willing to assist and they seem willing to incorporate suggestions / feedback and take real world data and use it to make the product better. We don’t ultimately care who does it, but if FlipSky ends up being the ones to bring bullet proof ESCs to the world with VESC lineage then we certainly won’t be complaining and we’re doing what we can to help. We just need reliable product at a reasonable price. Right now, it’s not.

disclosure: We are looking at FlipSky as a potential supplier. We have not made a decision yet but hope their ESC can meet our requirements. The no.1 issue for us currently is reliability … it cannot fail and you don’t have to look far through these forums to find them still failing. We are trying to get their ESC to work in our product/s and hope that it can be sorted in time for us to use it. Our feedback and testing is also looping back into the project through FlipSky. We’ve found them to be responsive and willing to undertake continuous improvement.


-by a customer from Australia who tests both FSESC4.12&FSESC6.6

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