ODM/OEM Cooperation


Flipsky  focus on  the design and manufacturing of power systems (ESC and DC motors) and custom projects solutions

The company’s existing products mainly include FSESC  based on VESC4 and VESC6 ( Benjamin open sources project), independent research and development ESC; brushless DC motor and waterproof motor; 2.4GHZ remote controller and waterproof remote controller; TFT screen module, etc. 

We keeps to pursue the  innovation and breakthrough of technology to provide users with more reliable and richer technical solutions.   

FLIPSKY Product  Categories

 2.Projects in application

We mainly focus on the design and production of land power systems and water power systems. The production are mainly used in electric scooters, electric skateboards, electric go karts, electric bicycles, electric lifting machines, efoils, underwater propellers and so on.

It can provide customers with a complete set of power system design scheme(ESC + motor + remote control),and can also customize some spare parts for it.

We have our own experienced software engineers, hardware engineers, Mechanical engineers and sales and service team and production teams to ensure the progress and  quality of each project.

3.Custom Process


4.Custom Projects

At present, we have down many customized products for customers from Taiwan, the United States, Europe, Singapore and other countries and regions.

Customized products include motors, controllers, remote controllers, screen display and more. We’re capable of custom above range products.



ODM/OEM cooperation contact:

Email: Flipskytech@outlook.com

Tel: +86 076982816997