Brand Story

The co-founders of FLIPSKY is a group of passionate and innovative post-80s technology enthusiasts. They have been in the electronic intelligent automation industry for nearly 10 years and all are skillful from circuit design to PCB layout, embedded software/hardware development , component selection and performance evaluation, product testing, SMT/DIP production and process quality control. Each process is fully experienced and well performed. In addition, the product mechanical designer is from TTI, who designed the RYOBI Brushless Driver Kits and other well-known products.

Although every engineer is armed with unique skills, the team has always maintained the spirit of learning and innovation. The innovative application of technology has also achieved success in the market. As early as June 2016, this team did innovative development of the BLHeli 8-bit and 32-bit ESCs on the
basis of the Betaflight F3, F4 project, and this innovative ESCs are hot sale now in market. (Betaflight: According to Google Trends analysis around January 2017, it may be the world's first open source multi-rotor firmware.)


In 2017/12, FLIPSKY applied the popular open source project of Benjamin VESC® 6 and ODRIVE in order to extend the technology application range. The road to research and develops the latest international technology is endless, but they're ready to keep pace with it.

Benjamin VESC® 6 is Benjamin's most powerful and impressive electronic speed controller! It is arguably the most popular electronic speed controller in the world!
Odrive is an open source project that is currently used in industrial applications, especially in robotics applications. Since the launch of the project, it has attracted the attention and interest of enthusiasts of electronic intelligence products.


The vision of FLIPSKY is to maximize the use of the latest international technology and to change life by it. FLIPSKY's products can be applied in electric skateboards, electric vehicles, car models, ship models, robots and industrial equipment and other industries. We hope that more and more international companies and consumers will truly feel the progress that technological innovation has brought to our lives.