The Third Anniversary of Flipsky

Flipsky held the third anniversary celebration on December 3rd, which is a big summary of the company's three-year development history.Looking back on the development process of the past three years, what products have we developed?

In terms of ESCs, from single-drive ESCs to dual-drive ESCs, V4 to V6, 75200, and FSESC 7550 high-voltage ESCs, the research and development of various ESCs are inseparable from the hard work and innovation of the company's R&D colleagues.

As for motors, combined with customers' riding experience and suggestions, we also launched battble hardened motors 6354, 6374, and 6384 this year. After the official sale, we got a lot of good feedback from customers. Of course, there are also shortcomings, our sales colleagues received customer feedback and immediately solved it.

The remotes VX1 and VX2  (proud of flipsky) have received unanimous praise from customers. I believe this is also the first product that many customers know us. Yes, VX3 is already on its way, with more new features. Looking forward to it's arrival~

Other accessories: AT Wheels, Double Kingpin Trucks, etc., are our new hot stars. As for why they are so popular, everyone should have their own answers:)

Three years are not too long, but not short. During this period, we have tasted the ups and downs. Therefore, we will still go forward without fear of difficulties in the future. Thanks for all customers' trust. The company's growth is inseparable from your support. 2020 is a big test for us. Not only did we not give up, we also increased investment in equipment and recruitment of employees. This prepares for future development, and we are full of confidence in the future.

Flipsky 3rd anniversary Attach a group photo of the Flipsky's third anniversary celebration


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year~ 

Flipsky Team



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