High Voltage Setup Way for FLIPSKY 75 Series ESCs

The default maximum voltage of vesc_tool is 72v. So, if your battery voltage is over 72V. What should you do? Here belows FYI.

1.Click “Welcome&Wizards”--“AutoConnect”

2.Click “Firmware”--”Bootloader”. Do firmware Bootloader

3.Firmware reflash and upload after bootloader done, choose 75_300_R2 and the VESC_default_no_hw_limits.bin

4. AutoConnect the esc again

5.Then change the Motor Settings FOC “Enable Phase Filters” to be "False", remember to write in.

6.Click”Motor setting”--”General”--”Voltage” write in battery,then write the maximum voltage in “Advanced”

7. As for firmware 5.3, back to “Welcome&Wizards”. Click “No” in Load Default Parameters after clicking “Setup Motors FOC”; Choose your usage and motor accordingly for next step.

8.Write in battery, then click direct drive or click correct pulleys q'ty to run detection.

9.For dual esc, please tick “Detect all motors over CAN BUS”; For single esc, do not tick it and then click OK

10.Check the detection result to see if reasonable.


Flipsky 75 series escs:

Dual 75100  ALU PCB : https://bit.ly/3RPo2wR

75100  ALU PCB:https://bit.ly/3yT2aIl

75200: https://bit.ly/3RPey4H

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