How to Set ADC Control Reverse │Cruise Mode


Flipsky 75100 75V 100A Single ESC

Throttle Accelerator Bar

Brake Handle

Simple forward / reverse switch (for demonstration purposes)

Adapter wire (for GND connection)

GND wire*2pcs

ADC mode Reverse and Cruise Mode wiring diagram:

1. After the motor FOC settings, enter the Input Setup for ADC throttle calibration mode as below figure.
2.  Select control type "Current Reverse ADC2 Brake Button". Max. push / pull the throttle bar to do throttle calibration. After calibrating the ADC throttle, click "Apply" and then click "Next".

3. Select "Current Reverse ADC2 Brake Button" in the "Control Type" column, click"↓A│write configuration to Vesc", and click "Next" to return to the home page.
4. Click to the "General" of App Settings, select "ADC" mode in "APP to Use" and click【↓A】to write.

Full operation video link:


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