How to Use FSESC 75200 Pro l VESC Firmware 6.02 l TFT Screen for E-Scooter

This time we will use VESC firmware 6.02 to set the parameters for FSESC 75200 Pro which is built with bluetooth module and TFT Screen for E-scooter.


FSESC 75200 Pro with Alu. PCB -
TFT Screen Ver2 with GPS -
Tips for New VESC Firmware 6.00

Step 1: ESC  Installation

· Connect the motor wires and motor hall sensor wires

· Connect the battery

· Connect the TFT screen GPS wire with the ESC battery "+"

Step 2: Parameters Settings (VESC firmware 6.02)

Please read "Tips for New VESC Firmware 6.00" before parameters settings to avoid setting failure due to wrong process or filling data.

The FSESC 75200 Pro has been designed with a Bluetooth module, so it is convenient to use the mobile APP for parameters settings. Next, we use the vesc_tool APP to demonstrate the setting process.

 1. Turning on the mobile bluetooth and scan, and then connect Vesc_tool APP and the ESC.

2.  Turn off the "Enable Phase Filters" function.

Click the "Motor Cfg" - Select "FOC" - Select "Filters" in "General" column - Turn off the "Enable Phase Filters" function - Click "Write" to save the settings.

3. APP Settings

Click the "App Cfg" page - Select the "VESC Remote" - Select the "Control Type that you need - Click "Write" to save the APP settings.

4. Motor FOC Settings

Back to the home page - Select "Setup Motors" to do motor FOC settings - Choose "NO" for default settings no restore - Choose the motor accordingly.

Write the battery spec. - Choose "Direct Drive" for hub motor and write the correct wheel size -  No tick for single escs, tick for dual escs with CAN Bus side - Check the detection result to see if normal.

Check the running direction. If incorrect, please reverse "REV".

 Step 3: TFT Screen Installation

· Connect the TFT screen with ESC COMM port
· Connect the thumb throttle with TFT screen 3.3V / GND / ADC1
· Connect the TFT screen GPS wire with battery +

Step 4: TFT Screen Parameters Settings

Button function:

Shortly press K3 to enter into the detailed data interface - Set the data accordingly.

Select "Use GPS" in "GPS select" to activate it.

Select throttle type per your throttle:

One-way ADC control--One direction throttle
Two-way ADC control--Bi-direction throttle

Check the throttle calibration status:

Check the GPS status:

How to turn off the GPS mode?

If no need of GPS, please select "No GPS" in "GPS select" menu.

That's all for this tutorial, thank you for reading and watching.

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