Tips for New VESC Firmware 6.00

With the coming of new firmwares like 6.00 / 6.02 etc., we have received feedbacks from many different customers that the escs cannot work normally or even damaged due to improper parameters settings.

Considering the problems of customers are meeting with, here we offer some tips for the new firmwares parameters settings. If you encounter unresolved errors after upgrading the firmware, please contact our after-sales department to solve them.

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 1. VESC fault code ABS_OVER_CURRENT

1.1 - Cause: After the automatic parameters settings with VESC_TOOL for firmware 6.00 or the newer firmware or the latest firmware version, the Absolute Maximum Current value is automatically changed to a smaller value. Thus, there is a high probability that the "fault code ABS_OVER_CURRENT" will be triggered when the user uses full throttle. Especially for motors sensorless, whose open-loop startup is more likely to trigger an error, such as an underwater motor due to no sensor.

Even for sensored motors, if "Absolute Maximum Current" value in vesc_tool system is too small, ABS error will still be triggered, and the customers have to modify "Absolute Maximum Current" value by themselves.

1.2 - Solution: Please modify the "Absolute Maximum Current" value after the automatic parameters settings completion.

The suggested scopes of modifications for our 75 series escs are as follows:

- FSESC75100: 150A~250A;

- FSESC75200: 250A~400A;

- FSESC 75300 / FSESC 75350: 500A~700A.

1.3 - Notice:

① The above-mentioned ABS overcurrent fault error also occurs in VESC 4 and VESC 6 series, and it can be solved by setting the "Absolute Maximum Current" value in the range of 150A-180A generally.

② If you are using a dual-drive ESC, remember to modify the "Absolute Maximum Current" of the slave at the "CAN Devices" at the same time. Both sides need to be changed.

2.  Motor Flux Linkage is zero or negative.

2.1 - Cause: After updating the firmware, if "Enable Phase Filters" is not set to "False" when setting the parameters for escs built without phase filters for the first time, the Detection Result of the motor's inductance, resistance, flux linkage and other parameters will be abnormal as shown in Figure 1 above. If the user set "Enable Phase Filters" to "False" in the next parameter setting, then the measurement of the inductance and resistance parameters of the motor is normal, but the measurement of the flux linkage parameter is abnormal, and the flux linkage will be negative at this time (as shown in Figure 2 shown) or 0 (as shown in Figure 3).

2.2 - Solution: If the above situation occurs, you must restore the default parameters, or re-flash the firmware (the purpose of re-flashing the firmware is to restore the default parameters), and then set "Enable Phase Filters" to "False" before parameters settings. After that, proceed to the parameters settings so that the data in "Detection Result" will not have a negative or zero flux linkage.

2.3 - Operation Tutorials:
① Set "Enable Phase Filters" to "False" (turn off the phase filter).

② Do not choose to use the default parameters during the automatic parameters settings process, just click "NO". Then select the correct motor type per your motor specifications and set the correct battery lipos cells according to your battery on hand.

③ Refresh and modify "Enable Phase Filters" to "False" to adjust the parameters: (motor detection result become normal)

3. VX4 remote control not responding

3.1 - Cause: The relevant settings in VESC Tool have been changed after the firmware upgrade.

3.2 - Solution: Make sure the APP to Use "PPM" " UART" per your needs instead of "OFF". Also, check whether the "Control Type" is in "Current" mode, and confirm that "Control Type" is set to "Current".

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