How to Use ADC for Self-locking Switches & Toggle Switches?

If you want to use Flipsky products for machines running like grinder, cutting machine etc., please don't miss this blog tutorial. 

We will show you the way of running the motor with the self-locking switch or toggle switch.


· ESC - FSESC 75100 Pro
· Motor - Flipsky 6374 190KV motor
· Switch - 2 Pins Self-locking Switch / 2-Speed 3 Pins Toggle Switch

 Step 1: Connect the ESC and motor

· Connect the motor wires and Hall wires
· Connect PC via USB cable
· Connect the battery

 Step 2: Parameters Settings

1. Motor FOC Settings

2. APP Settings

 Step 3: Switch Wirings

· 2 Pins Self-locking Switch Wiring

Pin 1 (white wire) = 3.3V
Pin 2 (blue wire) = ADC1
Pin 2 (combine wire) = GND
Remarks: adding a resistor 10K Ohm and wiring out for ADC GND connection and switch off function.

· 2-Speed 3 Pins Toggle Switch Wiring

Blue wire = ADC1
White wire = 3.3V
Black wire = GND

After finishing the wirings, plug the switch with UART / COMM port. Then the motor can be controlled by the switch.

Video Tutorial:

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