How to make sure the compatibility of motor, esc and battery?

As a DIY electric skateboard novice, have you encountered the problem of unsure whether the ESC, motor and battery matching well? The following will tell you how to select the appropriate ESC, motor, and battery by simple calculation.

1.Please select the appropriate battery voltage refer to the specifications of ESC. We have given the reference in the detail page of each ESC (such as dual fsesc6.6 3-12S safe)

2.Make sure that the motor ERPM< esc ERPM

Motor rpm = motor KV  * battery voltage

ERPM=motor rpm*1/2 motor pole pair number

3.What is FSESC V4/V6 ERPM?



In other words, when you choose V4, make sure that the motor ERPM<60000; when you choose V6, make sure that the motor ERPM<150000



Example 1: If you select the motor 6354 190KV (the half of pole pair number is 7) and FSESC4.12;

(1)When the battery is 10S 42V

Motor Erpm=42V*190KV*7=55860<60000, which is usable.

(2)When the battery is 12S50.4V

Motor Erpm=50.4V*190KV*7=67032>60000, which is unusable. It's easy to burn out ESC and overload.In this way , some tips are helpful now :

1.It is recommended to use some small batteries, 6S/8S/10S, etc.

2.Or choose a motor with lower KV value, 140/160/170KV (less than 170KV is safer)

3.Or choose another esc with more ERPM, such as FSESC6.6


Example 2: If you select the motor 63100 190KV (the 1/2 pole pair number is 7) and dual fsesc 6.6 Plus;

When the battery is 12S 50.4V,

Motor Erpm=50.4V*190KV*7=67032<150000 is usable

When the battery is 10S 42V,

Motor Erpm=42V*190KV*7=55860<60000 is usable

Dual fsesc4.20 can also be used, but considering the product attributes and generating greater torque and power, dual fsesc6.6 plus will be more suitable.


Sum up:

1.ESC and motor: The motor ERPM must be smaller than ESC ERPM.

2.Battery and motor: The battery voltage must be less than or equal to the motor voltage.

3.Battery and ESC: refer to website reference value: 3-12S (V4/V6 FSESCS)



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  • Tucker

    Could you just provide a grid that shows motors and compatible ESC combos that you sell. This would be much easier for customers to just select what you recommend as compatible together.

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