Dual FSESC6.6
Dual FSESC6.6
Dual FSESC6.6

Dual FSESC6.6 Based upon VESC6 with Aluminum Heatsink

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Big Size Dual FSESC6.6 Based upon VESC6 with Aluminum Heatsink
Advanced Features
  1. Dual ESC can reach continuous 200A big current, give your board strong power
  2. One PCBA board integrate two FSESC6 ’s function by internal CAN BUS circuit connection.
  3. The mater and slave board connection can be switched On/Off
  4. Preserve Bluetooth module and RF module connections for both master and slave board
  5. Aluminum anodized Heat sink with fins design for better heat dissipation
  6. size with heatsink: 120x91x20mm (L*W*D)
  7. PCB layers: 8layers, thickness: 3oz/layer, total 24 oz thickness


  •  Hardware: V 6.6
  • Firmware: Latest firmware version
  • Voltage: 8V - 60V (Safe for 3S to 12S LiPo) for the dual ESC
  • Voltage spikes may not exceed 60V
  • Current: Continuous 100A single, total 200A ,  Instantaneous current 400A per single, total 800A for system instantaneous current.
  • 5V 1.5A output for external electronics for single
  • 3.3V 1A output for external electronics for single
  • Modes: DC, BLDC, FOC (sinusoidal)
  • Supported sensors: ABI, HALL, AS5047
  • 6 shunts in dual system. Each is measurable for the current.

Reminder: 1. Detected battery voltage tolerance: +/-0.6V   

                   2. This version doens't support setup for 4WD.

                  If you want to set up 4WD, get the dual fsesc6.6 plus based on vesc


       The shipping package contains:

      • 1*Dual FSESC6.6+Heatsink
      • 2*VESC Sensor Wires
      • 1*Micro USB
      • 1*Manual
      Details for Big Size Dual FSESC6.6

        Dual FSESC6.6Dual FSESC6.6Dual FSESC6.6Dual FSESC6.6Dual FSESC6.6Dual FSESC6.6Dual FSESC6.6

        Wiring diagram:

        Big Size one: 

        Dual FSESC6.6


         Other Features:

        • Regenerative braking
        • Traction control (single and dual settings)
        • Sensor or sensorless operation
        • Configurable RPM, Current, Voltage and Power Limits
        • Input source: PPM, simulation, NRF Nyko Kama Nunchuck
        • Communication ports: USB, CAN, UART, NRF, Bluetooth
        • Throttle curves and ramps for all input sources
        • Separate acceleration and brake throttle curves
        • Motor speed, ampere hours, watt hour count,Instant data analysis and reading via communication port
        • Voltage and current protection setting for Motor and ESC 

         Manual download:DUAL_FSESC6.6__100A_MANUAL_20181106.pdf.pdf

        Programming Tutorial :

        VESC Tool: vesc_0.95, download from  https://www.vesc-project.com/vesc_tool


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