Introduction of Flipsky Remote Controller VX4 New Firmware V1.2

We are excited to inform the launch of remote controller VX4 new firmware V1.2. Some upgrade features as below FYI.

1. Two Home Display Screen Choices

The new firmware V1.2 supports two home display screens: Home Screen 1=previous displaying screen and Home Screen 2=new displaying screen (the factory default screen)

  • The previous displaying screen (Home Screen 1) can display battery power, speed, speed gear level, speed unit, mileage, etc..
  • The new displaying screen (Home Screen 2) can display more information, such as motor ERPM, battery voltage, ESC mosfets temperature, motor temperature, signal ping, motor & battery current, power, duty cycle mileage and speed etc.; Among them, the ESC CPU loading display is suitable for FTESC series only.

 Home Screen 1

 Home Screen 2

2. Optimize the Channel Hopping for Better Anti-interference and More Stable Signal

Our engineers have dedicated their efforts to optimizing the channel hopping algorithm of the VX4_V1.2. This update significantly improves the singal anti-interference, ensuring a more stable and uninterrupted signal experience. Also, you can see the realtime channel in Home Screen 2.

3. Optimize the Receiver BootLoader Software for Faster Pairing

Optimizing the receiver Bootloader software, the receiver can pair and correspond with the remote controller soon upon powering on. 

4. Add Throttle Joystick Deadband Setup Function

Adding the deadband setup function to enable customers to set the thottle dead zone per their skills, experience and application needs. The default deadband range is 5% and the adjustable range is 1% to 25%.

5. Add Gear Lock Switch Setup Function

To prevent accidental throttle gear speed level shifting during the running process, we add the gear lock switch function for the new firmware. The speed gear level can be fixed after setting this. The default setting is OFF. Please set "ON" if need.


6. Add Low Battery Warning Function

Equipped with a built-in low battery warning, the new firmware V1.2 keeps you informed about your battery level.The remote controller vibrates and the display screen shows “ The Battery Power of ESK8 is less than xx%! Please charge!“ when the e-skate power becomes less than 10%.

7.Add Motor Rotation Direction Forward and Reverse Setup

With the addition of the direction adjustment function, you can effortlessly switch the motor direction according to your preferences. Simply activate or deactivate the “Reverses Switch” parameter to control the motor’s forward and reverse movement.

In addition to the above-mentioned features mentioned, the new firmware V1.2 supports the remote controller doing settings for FTESCs and motors! As for more details, please review via our official website and social channels.

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