Tips for Flipsky Remote VX2/VX4 Cannot Work in UART Control Mode

If remote VX2 and VX4 don’t work in UART control mode, pls check the following:
  1. Check if the signal of the remote is in connected state, that is, do the remote and receiver paired successfully? If not , then check whether the receiver light on normally? In the case of receiver on and flashing, re-pair the remote and receiver. If reconnect failed, there may be a problem with the communication chip, and the receiver or remote controller need to be replaced. In the state of receiver light off and no signal connected, there may be something wrong with MCU of voltage regulator chip, so the receiver needs to be replaced.
  1. Check remote throttle calibration. Normal throttle refers that the functions of the remote can be used normally. If the VX2 doesn’t work in UART mode, check the throttle calibrate in remote  firstly(see the picture below). Then re-calibrate when it’s not right. To check the VX4 throttle, push the throttle gear directly, and the display bar changes on the screen, which means it is normal. There’s positioner circuit disconnection or poor contact,if the display bar has no reaction, then disassemble the remote to check and re-weld.

   VX2: Push the accelerator, the value changing

   VX4:Push the throttle gear, the screen throttle bar changing.

 3.Check the option of “UART” selected in remote and VESC tool. UART should be set in both remote and VESC Tool for VX4. While it only needs to be set in VESC Tool for VX2, because there is no such setting in the VX2 remote .

(Select UART mode in VESC tool for VX2/VX4)

(Set UART in VX4 remote)

4.The serial port initialization failed may also exist, if the remote cannot control the electric skateboard in UART mode. This may be caused by the interference when remote power-on. Re-plug the receiver and pair with remote again. But this happens rarely.

5.If the remote still cannot drive the esk8 after checking the above, it may be that the serial port of the receiver is broken, then the receiver needs to be replaced.


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