Flipsky Remote VX1 | VX2 FAQs

Here're some normal questions and answers (FAQ) about Flipsky VX1/VX2 remote in your use.

Generally in 3 categories: 

  1. Can't turn on/off, signal,charging problem
  2. Related with parameter settings (VX2 only)
  3. Problems Happened During the Running Process

Please check the detail questions and suggested analysis process to get answer by yourself. Here it is.

Category I:  (Keywords) Turn on/off, signal connection and charging problems

1. Why the remote cant turn on?

    (1) Please check if the battery has run out. If so, please charge.

    (2) Long press the on/off switch to see if the motor is vibrating. If without vibrating, there is something wrong with the battery. Please use the voltmeter to check if the 3.0-4.2V of the battery workable. Also, press the on/off switch and measure the output 5V&3.3V. If with vibrating, but still no display, then please open the remote and check if the screen wires has loosed or not.

    2.Why the remote can't be charged?

    (1) Check whether the battery indicator shows it fully charged;

    (2) Check if the battery display scroll bar rolling;

    (3) Unplug the charging cable, and turn it off. Then plug in the charging cable again to see if the screen shows charging. If not, it may be that the charging interface is broken .

    3. What should I do if the signal lost?

    (1) Re-pair the remote and receiver (2) If paired unsuccessfully, the receiver may be failed;


    Category II: Keywords: Parameters Setup

    1. Parameters cannot be set.

    (1) Turn on the remote. Long press the setting key to do parameter settings.

    (2) Please do throttle calibration at first and do not set other data before the throttle & brake calibration. Short press the setting key to find and choose the throttle calibration. When enter into the throttle calibration interface, please check if the MIN, MID and MAX data are the same or with little tolerance value. Then, long press the setting key until the screen is blinking, pulling and pushing the throttle to the max to check if the MIN data<MID data<MAX data. If so, the throttle calibration finish. Please do next steps.

    (3) If cannot exit the calibration interface, please try to pull and push the throttle several times to calibrate.

    (4) If there is no change of the data or the values are opposite, the remote inner hall sensor magnet may unglued or wrongly assembled, or the throttle structure damaged and not in the middle causing the incorrect data.

    2.The remote is workable, but the speed data is incorrect.

    (1) The remote is compatible with both vesc and Focbox Unity. Please check if the esc type chosen is correct or not;

    (2) Also, please make sure that the battery cells, the number of pole pairs, wheel type, wheel diameter, motor/wheel pulley are correct.

    (3) Please check the UART wire to see if it’s loosed or short circuited

    3. Its unworkable when pushing the throttle to do parameter settings after enter into the setting interface.

    (1) Please check if you have done the throttle calibration firstly

    (2) Please check if the throttle wheel can reback and remain in the middle. (refers to parameter setup 1)

    4.Using dual FSESC V4/V6, why only one motor can be controlled only by VX2 remote?

    (1) Please check your firmware version. The old vesc tool (before 3.40 version) cannot achieve the  synchronous UART signal communication and supports one side only. While the new firmware supports and can control both sides when plug in one side only.

    (2) If it’s the new firmware(after 3.40 version) with this problem, please repeat the parameters setup.

    Category III. Problems Happened During the Running Process

    1.The motor is out of control, no response when pushing and pulling the remote throttle.

    (1)Please check the remote to see if the signal connected.

    (2)Please do throttle calibration (refer to the Parameters Setup Q1)

    (3)Please check the status of the esc if there is red light or any green/blue light off.

    (4)If the green light of vesc hasn’t been lighter when pushing the throttle, please check the uart wire and see if it loose or short circuit

    2.Cruising mode: can not stay at a cruising speed and keep on accelerating?

    Please keep a constant speed before the cruise mode. If in the process of speed accelerating, the board will remain the speed accelerating in cruise mode.

    The cruising mode is actually a cruise with constant throttle (power). Generally speaking, it performs better when the load on the flat road is large, and it is not suitable for no-load.

    3. Why the remote(VX1/VX2 remote) speed is the same when I switch different speed mode?   Or, The VX2 remote can reach the maximum speed in any different gears of middle and high. Or,even if the throttle is at any point, the motor is at the maximum speed.

    This is normal status if there is no loading. Because in current control mode, the throttle only controls the power output. Here is detail explanation for this symptom.

    When the throttle is at a fixed value, the power output of the ESC is also a fixed value. According to P = F * v, the traction force of the skateboard is greater than the ground friction at the start, so the skateboard will slowly accelerate, the power output will not change, and the speed will increase. The traction force will slowly decrease until the force traction and the friction resistance match, at which time the speed is increased to the maximum. During driving, the change of the road friction resistance will also match the corresponding traction force, which will cause the speed to change. However, the power output of the ESC is still a constant value, so the motor output is stable, so the skateboard will not shake.

    In theory, if the ground friction resistance is large enough, reducing the ESC power output can limit the maximum speed of the motor, but for skateboards, usually the friction resistance is very small, so even if it is a low-speed gear with low power, the motor will slowly accelerate to max speed. Different speed mode (different gear location)controls the maximum output power of the motor. If it is aquatic products, the resistance is large and constant, then the maximum speed is obviously limited. As for a skateboard, even if the motor is running to the maximum speed, the traction of the skateboard is still greater than the frictional resistance on the ground, so we see that the phenomenon happens that it can accelerate to the maximum regardless of the high, middle and low speed mode. In fact, in different speed mode , the speed is different, and the difference is obvious when there is loading.

    Here is graphic of skateboard speed change

    eskateboard speed change graphic

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