Flipsky Lightning is available NOW!

Electric skateboard is becoming more and more popular. It's a great way to get around town, have fun and reduce your carbon footprint.

We Flipsky are excited to launch the new electric skateboard-LIGHTNING, which stands for a great progress step of the electric skateboard filed. It is an electric longboard that built with MOLICEL top-rated P42A batteries, 2 Battle Hardened 6384 4000W motors and FLIPSKY dual escs. It can reach a top speed of 75 km/h and a range of 100 km on a single charge. It has a VX4 remote which makes you control the speed and braking easily. The Lightning's unbeatable performance will allow you to travel further and explore more. 

Some of the features that make our Lightning standing out are:

  • Top building parts

ESC: we have Dual FSESC 75100 with Alu. Case and Dual FSESC 6.9 with Alu. Case for choices.

The advantages of these 2 ESCs: based on VESC supporting FOC control, advantages of linear starting, fast acceleration, stable braking and powerful output current.

The Dual FSESC 6.9 version is equipped with 12S7P  29.4AH 1482WH Molicel P42A 27100 battery.

The Dual FSESC 75100 version is equipped with 14S6P 25.2AH 1482WH Molicel P42A 27100 battery.

Motor: BLDC Motor Battle Hardened 6384 170KV/190KV 4000W

Single motor's max power that can reach 4000w. You don't need to worry about a lack of power at all.


We choose the VX4 remote controller for Lightning, which has a good reputation and bright LED color screen. The three acceleration modes enable riders to adjust different gliding styles. It supports PPM, UART, PPM and UART modes.

Anti-Spark Switch: Smart 2.0

The smart switch supports slide / roll to turn on, and automatically turn off after 5 minutes of static.

BMS: 8S-14S 150 for Li-ion

This BMS is specially designed for electric skateboards, which can well protect the safety of skateboards' batteries.

  • Outstanding Max Speed - 75km/h

LIGHTNING is designed to offer users an outstanding experience in ride, and hill climbing is 50 percentage.

Equipped with two powerful BLDC 6384 battle hardened motors, 2*4000W.

The LIGHTNING is also built with higher top speed than most of e-skateboards on the market-75km/h (testing rider weights 70kg ), while maintaining more torque than you’ll ever need.


  • Incredible range of 75-100km

In terms of battery life, we are equipped with MOLICEL top-rated P42A batteries. The endurance is greatly enhanced, and range up to 75-100KM(depending on loadings). When you’re riding with your friends on anywhere, you don't have to worry about the battery life.

  • Ultra-sturdy carbon fiber deck

The strong carbon fiber deck brings high comfort and stability. Enhanced with max loading of 550 pounds (250 kg), you don't have to be worried about the rider's weight limit, and you can ride on rugged roads with good stability.

-Building like a tank by using T700 premium Carbon fiber.

-41.7" long deck with a large standing platform makes you feel comfortable and stable at high speed.

-Keeping the battery pack well protected against any punctures or bends.


  •  CNC 16.3 inch RKP Trucks

Building with CNC 16.33" RKP Trucks and 175mm CNC ATM wheels makes this electric board run smoothly, turn flexibly and stably. 

Of course, a good esk8 is indispensable with carefully assembled wheels. We choose 175mm AT wheels with CNC alu. alloy hub, which brings customers a better grip and smoother shock absorption experience. The elastic body of the PU wheel has abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, high strength, high elasticity, low-pressure resistance, abrasion resistance, strong shock absorption, tear resistance, and radiation resistance, good performance such as high loading capacity and shock absorption.

  • Quality is our priority

All our components are CE, RoHS, and FCC certificated. 

To use our electric skateboard safely and enjoyably, we recommend you to follow these tips:

  •  Always wear protective gear such as helmet, gloves, knee pads, etc.
  •  Always check the battery level before riding and charge it fully when needed.
  •  Always obey the traffic rules and be aware of your surroundings when riding on public roads.
  •  Always start with low speed mode until you get familiar with the board's performance.
  •  Always have fun!

We hope this blog post has given you some insights into our electric skateboard. We are very excited to launch and we hope you are too! If you have any questions or feedbacks plz feel free to contact us.

Enjoy it-https://bit.ly/3Jhe83t

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