Electric Skateboard Belt Motor Mount Set For 83/90/97MM Wheel

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Transmission is accurate, no slip at work, with a constant transmission ratio.
Smooth transmission, with a buffer, shock absorption capacity, low noise.
Easy maintenance, no lubrication, low maintenance costs.
Bracket structure design fixed hole position can be adjusted motor 4 fixed screw position,
thereby adjusting the size of the belt between the synchronous wheel elastic.

Supported Motors:


Supported Truck :18mm diameter hangger

truck with 18mm diameter hanger

Color: Black 
Material: Surface oxidation+stainless steel
Gear of wheel: 35 tooth
Gear of motor: 16 tooth 
Bore of wheel: 21mm
Bore of motor: 8mm/10mm (support motor shaft :8mm / 10mm)
Round hole diameter of motor mount: 18mm
Motor mount width: 14mm
Motor mount length: 131mm
Belt width: 11mm
Belt length: 270mm
Bore of Fixing Plate: 26mm
Length of Fixing Plate: 47mm
Bolt of the wheel: 7

Package Included:

1 X Pulley For Wheel
1 X Pulley For Motor
1 X Fixing Plate
1 x Bracket
1 X Belt
7 X Bolts
2 X L-key
12 X Screws