The Differences Among FLIPSKY 75 Series ESCs?

Since September 2021, in order to fulfill customers' needs of high-voltage ESCs, we have developed and launched FSESC 75100 FOC (75100 Regular Version) based on 75300_R2, which has been loved and widely used in ebike and escooter DIY fields. 

Based on the opening source firmware of VESC and combined with independent hardware design, FLIPSKY's 75 series esc has been developed into a high-voltage, high-current, and widely-used ESC product.

After marketing research, we have collected the needs of end-users in different fields and launched 75200 and 75300 high-current version escs after upgrading in the continuous current field. The aluminum case version with better heat dissipation and  the water-cooled version that can be used in the water sports, farm facility equipment etc..

Up to now, Flipsky 75 series has launched 8 different escs based on the three product lines of 75100, 75200 and 75300. We have the first shell version; the Alu.PCB version; Alu.Case version; water-cooled version and dual drive version.

Please refer to the differences between different series and versions in terms of materials, specifications and applications as below.

  • Materials:

Regular Version

Alu.PCB Version

(Without Alu Case)

Alu. Case Version

(With Alu Case)

Water-cooled Version

(With water cooling enclosure)


FSESC 75100

FSESC 75200

FSESC 75100 Single

FSESC 75100 Dual

FSESC 75200

FSESC 75100

FSESC 75200

FSESC 75300












Glue waterproofing process




(*Except for 75100, which has a dual-drive version, all other ESCs are single-drive versions)

  • Specifications:


  • Applications

1.The applicable voltage of the 75 series ESC is up to 84V, which can be used in AGV robots, combat robots, Electric skateboard, e-scooter, e-bike, onewheel and DIY karts and other fields.

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2.The water-cooled version is suitable for aquatic equipment such as E-foil, Surfing boats, Underwater Thruster, Hydrofoil, Ejet boards, and construct that require high standards of waterproof and splashproof.

The Waterproof level (with water cooling enclosure) of the three 75 series water-cooled ESCs are all IP67. (IP67 can withstand temporary immersion in water of up to 1 meter for about 30 minutes.)


Warm tips:

Phase filering is not available for FSESC 75100 and FSESC75200!

Please turn off the phase filter function and choose "false" in vesc_tool when use firmware version on or above 5.3 (VESC_TOOL 3.01). Without turning off the phase filter will result in esc damage. Please do not restore the default parameters when using the wizard interface.

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