VX3_V1.2 to VX3_V1.4 Updates

News:FLIPSKY VX3 has been upgraded from VX3_V1.2 to VX3_V1.4. 

Updates below:

1.Pairing Optimized

  • Changed from a single pairing channel to a random pairing channel.
  • Optimized the pairing process and increased the step judgment of the pairing process.
  • Optimized the pairing sequence to increase the speed of receiver and remote pairing

    2.Signal display optimized:When in the strongest signal, 4 bars are displayed. As the signal decreases, the number of signal bar decreases. If there is strong interference or signal shielding, the signal entry will be fluctuated.

    3.Communication control delay ping switch has been added, which is used to detect the current communication quality. Users can manually turn on or turn off the ping display. The unit of ping value is "ms". When the distance between the remote and the receiver is relatively close (within 5 meters), the normal range of this value is less than 20ms. If there is interference in nearby signals, the value will fluctuate and be larger. Occasionally, it is a normal phenomenon. However, if the ping value always stays very high (more than 50ms, even to 200ms), the following factors you may need to consider:

    • Whether the communication distance between the remote and the receiver is too far.
    • Whether there is a strong signal shielding obstruction at the antenna installation position.
    • Whether the receiver antenna falls off.
    • Whether there is strong signal interference nearby.     


      4.Throttle sensitivity setting added. Added 4 levels of throttle sensitivity settings(0,1,2,3), the highest level--3, the lowest level--0.The higher the level, the higher the sensitivity; The lower the throttle control signal delay, and the faster the response.

      5.Optimized the antenna installation position and improved the communication quality.


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