VX3_V1.0 to VX3_V1.2 Updates

News:FLIPSKY VX3 has been upgraded from VX3_V1.0 to VX3_V1.2. 
Updates below:
1.The throttle accuracy has been optimized.
VX3_V1.0 throttle calibration interface:The speed display range is generally around 136~165, range 29; Break display range is generally around 138~167, range 29.
VX3_V1.2 throttle calibration interface: The speed display range is generally around 1080~1360, range 280; Break display range is generally around 1100~1370, range 270. As the picture shows:

2.Add more esc options in "ESC Type", how to choose esc type?
FSESC:Flipsky escs
FOCBOX:Focbox Unity
NON VESC:Normal escs
VESC:other VESCs except for FSESC and FOCBOX

3.Added PPM MODE options for ESCs with brake or without brake in Esurf mode.In Esurf PPM mode, choose according to your own ESC. Avoid board slipping away as soon as VX3 turned on.

With brake:ESCs in PPM signal output with brake function;
No break:ESCs in PPM signal output without brake function

Warm tips:
1.In order to avoid the beep-beep alarm signal of the ESC after plugging in the receiver, you should first set the correct PPM Mode on the remote according to whether the ESC has brake function or not when you use PPM mode in Esurf mode in first time. And then, power on the remote to pair the receiver and do other settings.
2.After the settings completed, both the receiver and the remote will save the configured PPM mode currently.
3. The PPM option is only displayed in Esurf mode. And it's not displayed in ESK8 mode, which is consistent with VX3_V1.0. The PPM communication mode in ESK8 mode only supports ESCs with brakes, not workable for escs without brake function.
Know more details about VX3 click here:https://bit.ly/3gxCwkJ

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