VX2_3.7 to VX2_3.8 Updates

News:FLIPSKY VX2 pro has been upgraded from VX2_3.7 to VX2_3.8 . The main updates are as follows:

1. Replace the transmitter antenna.
2. Optimize the pairing algorithm.
3. Optimize the communication algorithm.
4. Add signal strength indicator.

The receivers and remotes of VX2_3.7 to VX2_3.8 cannot be mixed, so need to be distinguished.How to distinguish the old and new versions?

1. Throttle calibration interface: the value range of throttle calibration is different, and the value range of the new version is larger than that of the old version.

2. Pairing interface: 4 more instructions added in the new version of the pairing interface . If pairing unsuccessfully,  see specific details of the reason.

3. A new signal display bar is added at the upper left corner of the VX2_3.8 display. When there are 4 signals, the signal is the strongest, and the fewer the number, the weaker the signal. If the connection is disconnected, no signal bar will be displayed.

Note: When the signal bar is in the state of 3 or less, it can still be controlled, but it is not recommended to continue the operation. If this happens, please pay attention to whether the communication distance is too long, strong nearby interference and shielding signal of the esk8, or the antenna disconnected.


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