FLIPSKY FSESC75200 / Remote VX3 / Motor Wire Connection and Settings Tutorial

Flipsky 75 series escs with water cooling enclosures have been built with water-cooling function. Water flowing through water pipes to achieve better heat dissipation effect by connecting water pumps and the ESC. 

In this blog, we will show How to do Water Cooling of FSESC 75200 and How the VX3 Remote Controller Works with FSESC 75200 with Water Cooling Enclosure.

Water pipes and pumps' specifications of different models of ESCs as follows:

Let's set "FSESC 75200 (new version)" as an example to show “How to do Water Cooling for Flipsky 75 Series ESCs ?”


FSESC 75200 with water cooling enclosure*1pcs

Water pump*1pcs(120L/h)

Inlet pipe 6*8mm*1pcs

Outlet pipe 6*8mm*1pcs

Then, install the water pipes correctly to the water pump and FSESC 75200.

Water pump:120L/h minimum flow; the larger the flow, the better the heat dissipation.

"FSESC 75200 with water cooling enclosure" is equipped with: 8mm to 6mm Connection straight push in fitting adapter.


How the VX3 Remote Control Works with Flipsky FSESC75200 for Water Sports?


FSESC 75200 with water cooling enclosure*1pcs

Flipsky Fully Waterproof Remote VX3 controller*1pcs

65161 Motor*1pcs

1. Turn on the remote controller VX3 and enter into "Pairing" interface

Note: The remote will not work unless it's paired with the receiver.
(1)The remote power on, long press the setting button for 2 seconds, then the remote comes to parameters setting mode.
(2)Shortly press setting button and shift setting options to "Pairing", and press the setting button until the screen blinking.

 2. Plug the receiver with esc

(1)Follow the wiring diagram to connect the receiver with the ESC's PPM port. (2)Power on the esc and check if the receiver with blinking blue led, the receiver's blue led will become solid after pairing succeed.

3. Do remote controller settings

(1)Switch to the Usage Scenario and choose "Esurf" mode
Quickly press the setting button to switch the setting options, switch to the "Usage Scenario" option, press and hold the setting button until the selected mode flashes, then pull the throttle accelerator or push the brake to select the required mode (Esurf is surfing mode, ESK8 is electric skateboarding mode);Quickly press the power button to confirm the modification.

(2)ESC Type selection 
Quickly press the setting button to switch the setting options, switch to "ESC Type", the screen will display "FSESC" mode, press and hold the setting button until "FSESC" flashes, after switching to the required mode, quickly press the power button to confirm the selection.

(3)Throttle calibration
Quickly press the setting button to switch the setting options, switch to the "Throttle Calibrate" option, the screen displays the maximum and minimum values of the throttle and brake ("Speed" is for throttle, "Brake" is for brake), then long press the setting button for 2 seconds until the display screen appears below numbers. The remote is in a state of ready for calibration at this time. Pull and push the throttle & brake to the maximum and release for throttle calibration. Quickly press the power on/off button to confirm the calibration.

(4)Adjust "Battery Cells" and "Speed Option" according to your needs.

(5)Select "No Brake" in "PPM mode".After finishing the settings, quickly press the power button again to exit the setting menu.

 4. VESC Tool Parameters Settings

(Phase filer is not available for Flipsky ESC75100 and 75200!
Please turn off the phase filter function and choose "false" in vesc_tool when use firmware version on or above 5.3 (VESC_TOOL 3.01). Without turning off the phase filter will result in escs damage. Please do not restore the default parameters when using the wizard interface.)

 (1)65161 Motor Settings

Choose the correct motor type. For motor 65161, select "Medium Inrunner (~750g)"

Write the battery cells per your battery voltage.

Select "Direct Drive" and click "Run detection (no CAN for single esc)"

The screen shows motor FOC detection results. Check if there is any abnormal data. Click "OK" after the confirmation.

Click "Finish'' to complete the motor FOC detection.

(2)Remote controller VX3 input setup

Click "Setup Input" - "Next"

Choose the "PPM input", click Next.

Choose the"Current No Reverse" control type

Pull the remote throttle to the maximum, release the throttle and click "Apply"--Click"Next"

Choose the "Current No Reverse"--Click "Write Configuration To Vesc
"--Click "Next"

Click "Finish"

Chek and make sure the "App to use" is "PPM" and click the right APP write in.

That's all for this article, thank you for your patience.

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