How to do Water Cooling of Flipsky FSESC 75200 ?

FSESC 75200 has a good heat dissipation effect so that the high current supported up to max 300A. And 3 different versions of fsesc 75200 are available according to virious using conditions.
Among them, the one with water cooling enclosure has a water-cooling function. The water flows through the water pipe connected to the water pump and the fsesc 75200 to achieve better heat dissipation effect. If you want better heat dissipation effect, then you can follow the tutorial below.If not , it also works well.

Items needed:
FSESC 75200 with water cooling enclosure*1pcs
Water pumps*2pcs(120L/h)
Inlet pipe 6*8mm*4pcs
Outlet pipe 4*6mm*2pcs

Then, install the water pipes correctly to water pumps and fsesc 75200.

Water pump:120L/h minimum flow; the larger the flow, the better the heat dissipation.

Tutorial video :

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