Fsesc75100 Foc Regular Questions

1. Why does the ESC flashes red light and indicates overvoltage?

When the voltage of the power supply exceeds the voltage set on vesctool, a red light flashes to indicate that the voltage is too high. Please change the maximum input voltage to 84V in vesctool, set as follows:

 2. Why ADC throttle and brake don't work when the  well connected?

(1) First of all, have you done parameters setting and whether the wirings are well connected?

(2) The first batch of ADC1&ADC2 wiring diagrams are marked incorrectly (throttle and brake are just the opposite, the throttle changes to brake, and the brake changes to throttle). Just need to change the position of the ADC1 and ADC2 connection diagrams in the figure. The correct wiring diagram is as follows:

The positive and negative poles of the throttle and brake (usually red and black wires) connect to 3.3v and GND respectively, the throttle signal wire connect to ADC1, and the brake signal wire connect to ADC2.

3. Choose V4 or V6 for Bluetooth connection?

Both v4 and v6 Bluetooth are applicable. V4 Bluetooth connect to “COMM” port, and V6 Bluetooth connect to "UART2" port.

4.Does the firmware support upgrade? Why not?

Fsesc75100 foc is customized based on vesctool3.00, so the firmware cannot be upgraded.

5. Does it support regenerative braking?


6. Does it support BLDC mode? Why can't support BLDC only FOC mode?

BLDC control mode is not supported because it is a customized version of FOC.

7.Does uart and bluetooth work at the same time? can i connect bluetooth on tx2 and rx2?

Yes, two COMM ports here. UART bluetooth module, IMU,screen display or remote controller are supportable.

8.Is this water resistant?

It's waterproof level is IP54, so not fully waterproof.

9.Will this one require anti spark switch for safety?

Yes, it's better to connect an anti-spark switch for safety.

10.Does it support sensor less motors?

Yes available!

11.Does this support bldc like your other vescs?

No, only for foc. That's why we call it fsesc75100 foc.


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