Flipsky Remote VX1 PRO VS VX1 ,What are the differences?


Since our VX1 is loved by many electric skateboard enthusiasts, we have upgraded it to VX1 pro. Here is a comparison of the two, the same is in black, and the red is the difference: 

VX1 PRO-Remote&Receiver VX1-Remote&Receiver
Outlook Blue receiver & blue label sticker Black receiver & black label sticker
Button Speed switch/Power  Speed switch/Power 
Control mode UART/PPM  UART/PPM 
Battery status YES YES
Communication connection status YES YES
Charging status YES YES
Accelerate/brake/speed swtich function YES YES
Reverse control YES YES
Cruising mode YES YES
ESK8 battery display range 6S-25S(Default: 10S) 6S-12S(Default: 10S)
Remote battery level check YES YES
Lithium battery specifications 3.7V 850mAH 3.7V 850mAH
Remote control distance About 100 meters (empty space) About 20 meters (empty space)
Remote antenna 2.4G antenna module (E28-2G4M12S) Wiring antenna
Charging port Micro USB TypeB Micro USB TypeB
Receiver antenna 2.4G antenna module (E28-2G4M12S) Onboard antenna


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