Dual FSESC V6.7 Plus Flashing Firmware Tutorial

Hi guys! In this issue, we have brought the operation tutorial of flash the firmware of FSESC, please read it patiently.

Check out the YouTube links for the video tutorial: https://youtu.be/wr4eXgMm0As

Flashing Firmware

Before operating, we need to prepare:

  1. ST-LINK V2 /STM32
  2. Dual Fsesc V6.7 Plus  
  3. Serial ports solder for easy connection(Non-essential)

V6 flie:


ST-LINK installation package:





Firstly, we need to connect the ST-Link and ESC

Connect the ST-LINK V2 /STM32.The st-link’s wires have to be soldered corresponding positions (3.3V=3V3; GND=GND; SWCLK=SWC; SWDIO=SWD)

(Tips: Different ESCs have different positions for soldering serial ports)

 After connecting computer, open the software of ST-LINK.

Now we start to flash the firmware:

Click "Target--->Conect" to connect the ESC and check if the connection is normal.

If the connection is normal, figure shown as below:

Click "Target---Program&Verify" to enter the download interface, then click "Flie path" and select the file, other selections keep the default. And then click "start".

Purple serial number displays after done succesfully. The green light on and red light blinking.



If the ST-LINK firmware flashing fail, generally there are two situations:

(1) No ST-LINK detected

Solution: Check whether the ST-LINK is plugged into the USB interface of the computer, or if the interface is loose.

(2)When click "Target---Connect", "Can not connect to target" warning appears, as shown in the following figure:


(1) check to ensure that the line connection is correct:

(a.) Whether the pin port connection is correct;

(b.) Check whether each connecting wire is normally connected or not. Use the buzzer gear of the Multimeter to check one by one, especially after the DuPont wire has been inserted and unplugged many times, the inside becomes loose, resulting in poor contact;

(2) If there is no problem with the above connections, but still cannot connect or download normally, go to "Target--->Settings", and make the following options changes:

(a.) In the "Mode "option, select "Hot Plug"

(b) In the "Reset Mode" option, select "Hardware Reset"

Then click "OK". The connection is successful at this time, it will also display:

Then do it again according to the flashing firmware process.

That's all for this article, thank you for your patience.

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