DIY 18S Dual Drive Electric Skateboard

1.Main parts:
Flipsky motor 7070 110KV battle hardened*2pcs

Max power:4200W

Motor KV:110KV

Max Current:100A


Max torque:9.5N.M


Dual Fsesc75100 With Aluminum PCB


Current: continuous max 100A

Remote: Flipsky VX4

3 speed modes,color screen,type C charging,throttle sensitivity adjustable,Cruising,Motor reversing,Software update etc.

Battery: lipo 18S 25Ah

6" AT wheels*4pcs 


2.Motors mounting

(1) Put the motors in the proper position of the motor mount, install the 10mm15T pulley + set screws, and fix the motors with M4 screws, not lock.

(2)Put on the 355mm belt and install the 6" AT wheels.  Lock the M4 screws and the screws fixing the wheels after the motors on both sides are adjusted to the proper position.

(3)Wires connection:Dual fsesc75100 connect to 6 motor wires , hall wires connect,two battery wires(red&black) connect to battery wire.

3.Parameters setting in VESC Tool

(1)Connect USB to dual fsesc75100 , open VESC Tool firmware 5.2 in Computer.


(3)Setup Motors FOC→Battery Cells Series 18→Battery Capacity 25 Ah →Motor pulley:15→

Wheel Pulley:66→Wheel Diameter:150mm

4.Remote VX4 control

(1)Turn on the remote and enter into pairing mode

(2)Connect the receiver to esc

(3)Pairing succeed and control the electric skateboard.

VX4 tutorial:


See more details and riding in this video: 

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