What's the main difference between Mini FSESC4.20 and FSESC4.12? Is Mini FSESC4.20 reliable?

Flipsky Mini FSESC4.20 is cheaper than FSESC4.12,  it may use cheaper material and lower quality, is it true ?

It's not true fact. Actually it's even more reliable in certain aspects. Current FSESC4.12 cost is too high, and we can do a replacement with lower cost and lower MSRP to end users! That's the motivation why we release a same function one. However, we always keep quality in first place even it's cheaper.

Now, we'll show you the main difference between them.

Mini FSESC4.20   vs  FSESC4.12 

1> Hardware are based on VESC4.12, however, We did many layout version optimization , finally upgrade from 4.12 to 4.20, 4.20 is so far our most satisfied layout version upon VESC4.12.

2> There're main 5 components different, others are almost the same

A. Mosfet:

Mini FSESC4.20 :  Mosfet Model NO: NTMFS5C628NL

FSESC4.12: Mosfet Model NO: IRFS7530-7PPBF

Only in terms of mosfet,IRFS7530-7PPBF is far more expensive, it proves the more expensive one, the better performance from the data sheet of this two kinds of mosfet. Mini FSESC4.20 has no advantage ony by using a cheaper mosfets, so there're some remedial plan in design.

A1: Optimize the mosfets layout:

All mosfets in Mini FSESC4.20 is in one surface, and leave enough gap distance.

while FSESC4.12 put 3pcs in each sides of the PCBA. It didn't make the mosfets to fullfill its best performance in such layout.

                                           Mosfets layout in Mini FSESC4.20     

mosfets in Mini FSESC4.20      

        Mosfets layout in FSESC4.12                     

 Mosfets in FSESC4.12


A2: Add heatsink 

 Standard FSESC4.12 shipping version has no heatsink. (However, we designed aluminum case for user's choice, but more extra cost for it )

  Mini FSESC4.20 shipping with aluminum heat sink 

    Mini FSESC4.20

A3: Is the remecial plan effective? 

    Kindly reminder, pls see the current last time and the temperature change.



B. Capacitors:

 Mini FSESC4.20 use 3pcs shorter capacitors (220uf 100v) to well match our current hardware design, so no need to use the longer capacitors. This shorter capacitor are also used in FSESC6.6.

 FSESC4.12 use 3pcs longer capacitors (680uf, 63v)

 These two capacitors are already verified in market, they're reliable.

C. Inductors

Mini FSESC4.20 use molding power choke, It has great anti-EMI performace.

FSESC4.12  use VESC4.12 original SMD power inductors.

The molding power choke is far more expensive than the SMD power inductors due to different production proces.

                                                   Molding Power Choke 

Molding power choke used in Mini FSESC4.20

SMD Power Inductor

SMD power inductors  


D. MLCC capacitors

   Mini FSESC4.20  use 1210 MLCC. spec: 47uf,100V, which used in racing drone's ESC

   FSESC4.12 use 1206 MLCC (10uf, 50V) and  2220MLCC(15uf, 100V)

  1210 MLCC   

1206 MLCC and 2220 MLCC used in FSESC4.12

E.USB Port

Mini FSESC4.20 use mirco USB port, while FSESC4.12 use mini USB port.

3> Size Comparation




Different design will give different special features to product, but we always follow the same belife: lower quality will easily destroy our little trust from our customer which gained not so easy by our hard work days and nights. We value it very much!

 Thanks for your choice and trust!



  Thanks for corrections !!



  • Vittorio Savariano

    I bought my first ESC from Alien Power.
    Do you prefer to buy directly from you in the future or is it the same thing?

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  • Cpt Book

    Will the same firmware work on both boards?

  • James

    I love you flipsky, BarbaraZ hmu bby

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