The Inflatable Fishing Boat Installation Guide

Considering the uprising needs of electric motor-powered inflatable fishing boats, paddleboards and some other watersports products which have advantages of easy-mounting, environmental-friendly etc.. We are committed to providing more and more propulsion system products. The latest motor 7070 propulsion thruster launched by Flipsky can fulfill the needs of both beginners and experienced users. Then, how do you use the Flipsky propulsion thruster to install your boat? Here below some tips FYI.


The assembled parts list:

- Inflatable fishing boat

-Inflatable chair

-Air pump

-Waterproof battery pack (battery 12S)

-Motor 7070 propulsion thruster

-FSESC 75100 Pro V2.0

-Remote controller VX3 pro

-Mounting base plate

-Battery charger

Before the starting of installation, please check and make sure all parts are well-assembled and no loose of any accessories.


How to install the inflatable fishing boat?

Step 1: Locate the air valve on the boat and remove the valve cap by rotating counterclockwise. Then insert the hose into the valve and inflate to 8-10 PIS. Both sides of the fishing boat edger have two air valves that need to be inflated.

Step 2: Lay the boat flip side on the flat surface, and then insert the motor propulsion thruster into the mounting base plate and lock the latch. If your boat does not have a mounting base plate, don’t worry, the propulsion thruster comes with the base plate.


Step 3: Fix the waterproof battery pack box on the boat with tapes, and then connect the motor phase wire, inlet&outlet pipes.


How to do motor FOC setup?

If choose our “With Waterproof Battery Pack” or “Electric Fishing Boat”, you can skip this step since we've set it up before sending it out.  

Step 1: Power on the battery and connect the ESC with the computer via USB for the parameters setting.

Step 2: Open the VESC_Tool (firmware 6.02 as an example).

Click “Setup motor FOC”→select the relevant motor type→ write the battery lipos

The below screenshot about pulleys does not need to write for watersports GPS speed without pulleys, and then run detection to detect the motor data.


Please remember to check the motor running direction and make sure it’s the same as your CW propeller or CCW propeller.


Step 3: Long press the setting button into the “Pairing” and then short press the button to pair with the ESC. Choose the correct "App to Use" and "Control Type".

Select “UART” in “APP to Use”, and then click “↓A” save setting.


In “VESC Remote” select “Current” in “Control type”, and then click “↓A” save. Finally you can try to use the remote controller VX3 pro to drive the motor.


If you have any problems, please feel free to contact us.

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