Something You Should Know About Flipsky Anti-Spark Switch

Recently we have received many questions from end users asking about our anti-spark switch and button, such as can I use other buttons instead of yours? What kind of buttons will work with your anti-spark switch? How to control two esc with one anti-spark switch/button? We would like to share more information with you about Flipsky anti-spark switch. Let’s get started!


1. There are many different kinds of buttons in the market now , Can I use other buttons for your anti-spark switch? What kinds of buttons will work with your anti-spark switch?

Different switch in market

So how to choose the right one If you only want to change a button?

Firstly, make sure there’s one NO & one NC contacts on the button.

NO means  Normally open (open circuit, not creating a path for the current)
NC  means  Normally closed (short circuit , creating a path for the current)

Normal open and Normal close button

Secondly, due to different circuit designs of the anti-spark switches, we use different types of button. Therefore, please make sure a self-locking button for Flipsky anti-spark switch pro  and a self-resetting button for Flipsky anti-spark switch smart .

So what’s self-locking button?

Self-locking means that before you press the button, the contact is on the “off”, and after you press the button, the contact will stay on the “on” even when you loose your finger:

self locking button

And what’s self-resetting?

Self-locking means that before you press the button, the contact is on the “off”, and after you press the button, the contact will on the “on”, but after you loose your finger from button, the contact will go back to “off”:

Self resetting button

2.Why do we choose the buttons we’re using right now?

The self-locking button we’re using on Flipsky anti-spark switch pro 280A is from ONPOW, which is with 30 years of history and has gained certification of CCC, CE, UL, VDE, PSE, ISO9001 and so on. It shows on its datasheet that the button mechanical life is up to 100,000 times and electrical life is more than 50,000 times.

The button that we used on Flipsky anti-spark switch smart 280A is manufactured by  HOSONG. They have also passed many certifications: CE, RoHS, IK10, IP67 and so on. And the data sheet shows that they have tested the button 30 times every minute and continued to test it until 500000 times.

Even though the above two buttons are both from companies with good reputation, we still have them tested for three months before we apply them in our products.

3.How can I use only one anti-spark switch/button to control two, three or even four FSESC?

Now let see how to use one switch to control 2pcs FSESC4.12 50A step by step.

  1. Weld the black wires and the red wires together respectively, and add an XT60/90 male connector on the power wires of the 2pcs FSESC4.12 50A


2. Add an XT60/90 female connector on the end of out put of the anti-spark switch, and then connect the twins FSESC4.12 with the switch.


    3. Now, you can use one switch to control two pcs FSESC4.12 50A. 

For the same theory, if you want to use one switch for three or four FSESCs, just weld all the black power wire together, and all the red power wire together respectively, then move on the same process like above description.

4. How to use one anti spark switch to control 2pcs FSESC6.6 with aluminum heatsink, since it has already integrated swtich in the board?

You only need a Y-like button cable. What’s Y-like cable? Well, check the following pictures and you will know what it looks like. Getting a Y-like button cable may require some welding skills.(People who knows little about welding is not recommended to do this) Method’s the same if you want to control three or four FSESC6.6 with only one button.

one button to control 2pcs FSESC6.6

Now you can try to set up the most cost-saving dual vesc 6 by only 2pcs FSESC6.6 simplify version and a Flipsky anti-spark switch pro.

Thanks for your reading, If you have any other questions on our anti-spark switch, just leave your comments below and let us know.

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