Say Hello to the latest Portable and Cheap Mini Spot Welder 2021 Flipsky

Flipsky fans must know FS-SW1, and many friends suppot and own it. It's indeed a spot welder which is in the forefront of the market, and the complete set is practical. However, the good news is here. In order to meet the needs of more people, we officially started selling this portable spot welder today. Welcome to consult!

The first thing that catches eyes is its simple yet gorgeous appearance. It is made of aluminum alloy case, which is fireproof and falling-proof, ensuring safety.

It is definitely not enough to have a good-looking skin. Simple and practical is the biggest feature of this portable spot welder. Lightweight and easy to carry. The operation is also very simple, manual and automatic switching freely according to personal preference. 6 different speeds and powers are suitable for various batteries. See how to operate in this video:


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