Mini FSESC4.20 SMART or Mini FSESC4.20?


                     Comparison of Mini FSESC4.20 and Mini FSESC4.20 Smart
  Mini FSESC4.20 Mini FSESC4.20 Smart
Switch Function Power on when connect with the power supply, no anti-spark switch and smart sliding switch function With anti-spark switch function: smart slide turnon and auto turnoff
Appearance Heat shrinkable film for protection, no metal case Adding an aluminum protective case which can effectively prevent impurities from falling in with better heat dissipation
Heat dissipation Maximum PCB current without heatsink duration:30";  maximum current with heatsink duration:55" With alu. Case, better circuit design and copper sticker for heat dissipation. Maximum PCB current without heatsink duration: 1'40" seconds;  maximum current with heatsink duration:5'
MOSFET 6pcs 5C628L high current MOSFETS 6pcs high-current 60V DirectFET Infineon MOSFETs IRF7749, better heat dissipation
Burst current 150A 200A
Circuit optimization Voltage input, driver 5V output, step down to 3.3V via LDO step-down chip to supply power to MCU chip

Voltage input, driver 12V output, step down 5V and then step down to 3.3V to supply power to MCU chip, with better stability

 Coming soon with Dual FSESC4.20 Plus Smart , stay tuned!



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