Manual Screwdriver OR Electric Screwdriver?

For a DIY player, there must be countless screwdrivers ranging from large to small. Screwdrivers do occupy most of the toolbox. FS-ES126 Mini Electric Screwdriver, an integrated tool, is indeed a benefit for DIY players.The storage is superb, with 24 different types of bits, roughly computer motherboards, and small glasses frame screws. FPV, watch, camera, radio, laptop, mobile phone, and householo electric appliances etc.

Start with the packaging box. At first glance, it will be much smaller than you think.The main color of the packaging is white, and the product rendering is printed on the front. Open the package, there is a storage box (the screwdriver handle and the bit are stored in the box), manual, and typ-c interface power cord.


Pen-sized FS-ES126 electric screwdriver is made of 304 Stainless Steel Shell, and it equipped with high-definition OLED digital display, supports Type-c interface 5V powersupply and firmware upgrade.

led ligth

The storage box adopts a push-up design, press lightly, and then press the ejected part to pull it out.The screwdriver body and 24pcs steel precision bits have fixed card positions, which are neat and concise.

24 in one

The "seat" of the batch head has a magnetic effect, and the batch head number is engraved on each batch head. Because there are as many as 24 batch heads, it basically covers the scenes used in the maintenance and maintenance of various household appliances and small products.

Okay, let’s practice it. How about applying it to our ESC?

This is a part of our 200A water-cooling ESC. We asked our engineer to test the manual installation with a manual screwdriver and compare it with FS-ES126 Mini Electric Screwdriver, which one is more time-saving.

Manual screwdriver firstly. There are 4 screws on the waterproof case. It tooks 2minutes for engineer to screw out and tighten them all.

Then use the FS-ES126 electric screwdriver. Firstly, install the bit. Because the FS-ES126 screwdriver bit has a magnetic attraction effect, once the bit is leaned in, it is firmly sucked.

To start the operation, face the screw with the batch head and press and hold the function key to remove the screw easily and quickly.

Press and hold the B function button, the light will come out, and it can be used normally in weak light.

Screwing back the screw is also very convenient. On the standby interface, long press the A or B button and gesture shaking the screwdriver counterclockwise. The logo of the OLED screen moves down, means automatically tighten the screw. Therefore, the total disassembly time is 1 minute .

In conclusion:FS-ES126 Mini Electric Screwdriver Win:)

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