Is Flipsky VX3 really worth buying? ESK8 Esurf waterproof VX3/VX2?

Flipsky VX3 has been on selling for one month. First of all, thank all friends for your trust and support for our new product. However, some people might ask: Why the VX3 is so much more expensive than VX2? What is the difference between the two?Good question, answers below:

First of all, from the appearance point of view, VX3 is a bit larger than VX2, which can not avoid the cost of materials. Then there is the new design of VX3: the throttle trigger is at the bottom, pull back to accelerate, the brake trigger is at the top, push forward to brake. That makes the using feeling better. And the power and setting buttons are more convenient to operate on the left.


Compared with the 0.95-inch OLED screen of Flipsky VX2, the larger 1.6-inch display of VX3 is particularly eye-catching. Moreover, the data can be clearly seen under too strong sunlight.Connection signal, motor steering, skateboard battery, remote battery, mile display, real-time speed, current, GPS, power, real-time temperature of MOSFET , Throttle progress bar, single total mileage (the red cannot be displayed by VX2)

One thing is that VX2 and VX3 are the same: they all do parameters setting in the remote itself.So please don't do throttle calibration in VEST TOOL for VX2 or VX3 anymore!
The differences between VX2 and VX3:

ESC Type



Mode Selection






If you like both esk8 riding and esurfing, then the two-purpose VX3 is definitely your first choice.

The battery capacity of 1800MA will undoubtedly increase the using time of the VX3, which can be used for up to 8 hours at a time when fully charged. Wireless charging, full in 4 hours.

Finally, the waterproof function of VX3 is also a highlight of the updates. In order to have a good waterproof effect, our test sample VX3 has been in the water for a year. But it still can be used normally underwater. This is really amazing!



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