How to Upgrade Firmware in VESC tool For FSESC7550?

Here is the tutorial of how to update firmware in VESC TOOL for fsesc7550.

VESC tool : 2.06  ----> 3.00 firmware version 

Step 1:Power on the fsesc7550 and connect it with PC.Update warning will pop up if you are using the old firmware.Click "ok" to the next step.

Step2:Click"Firmware"-- "Bootloader" -- download arrow, click "Yes" , and then upload it. 

Step 3: Click "Included Files", then click the download arrow, and confirm with clicking the "Yes" in warning.

Step4: Firmware updating completed when the progress bar shows "Upload done",click " ok" to VESC tool main page.

Step 5: To check the current firmware version here:

Now, the firmware update for fsesc7550 is completed!

VESC TOOL  download:

Get Flipsky FSESC here:


 See firmware updating and parameters setting in the following video:


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