How to build a 4WD with two dual fsesc6.6?

When you are not satisfied with the riding experience that dual-drive brings to you, then 4WD is a new direction for you to break the status quo.How to duild 4WD? Next, take the dual fsesc6.6 as an example to learn more.

1.Parallel two switch buttons

Q: Why need to parallel the two switches?

A: It‘s more convenient to connect the battery, and avoid short circuit to burn out.

Q: Can I use the two ESCs without combining them?

A: Yes, but each dual fsesc6.6 needs to be connected to one battery seperately. It is inconvenient to use, so not recommended.

Note: The wires of the same color are welded together, please check the soldering after completion.

2.Wires connection

Canbus wire, which is the KEY to achieve 4WD, connected between two dual fsesc6.6 plus.

Plug in the switch to the escs.

XT90 connector connect to battery wire of two escs.

Motor and hall wires connection to escs.

Connecting battery

 3.Parameters setting

Do normal parameters setting in VESC TOOL for one side.

4.Remote pairing

Remote VX2 pro receiver plug in the esc, and pair.

 See detailed video of how to do 4WD with two dual fsesc6.6 plus here:

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