Flipsky VX4 Remote and Receiver Software Update Tutorial (V1.0 to V1.1)

Please note to friends who purchased VX4 and received it before May 6th, 2022, the detailed tutorial video for updating the VX4 remote and receiver here.

What have been optimized from VX4_V1.0 to VX4_V1.1?

1. Stable communication signal
2. More linear throttle control
3. No throttle delay in level 3 throttle sensitivity

Update steps:
1. Download the files required for the update (please make sure the files are downloaded without damage, otherwise it will not be able to unzip successfully): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1b66sfROmXfDGhdZLt0HK2sj8joFy5JSp/view?usp=sharing
2. Install the driver to the computer, only for Windows.
3. Remote update:
(1) Press the power button and setting button for 2S to "IAP Mode" when remote off.
(2) Remote connects to USB
(3) Open Flipsky Serial IAP Software v1.0
(4) Click "Open Port", the green "open" next to it is displayed.
(5)Click "Open File"-"VX4 TX APP.bin"-"Start Sending"
(6)The remote is updated successfully.
4. Receiver update:
(1) Remote connects to USB
(2) Enter remote settings "IAP Receiver"
(3) Short press the setting button to display "Start"
(4) Connect the receiver to esc, and the red light flashes.( The receiver will enter into the bootload state only when the red light flashes. If not , please try more times(unplug the receiver and re-enter "IAP receiver" -"Start")
(5) Open Flipsky Serial IAP Software v1.0
(6) Click "Open Port", the green "open" next to it is displayed.
Click "Open File"-"VX4 RX APP.bin"-"Start Sending"
After the receiver is upgraded, it will automatically back to the main page.

Any questions pls email to flipskytech02@outlook.com, thanks again for all your patiently waiting and support~

Detailed tutorial video here:

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