Fascia gun tips and Precautions

Fascia Gun should not be unfamiliar to those who love sports. Its advantage is that compared to other methods of relaxing muscles by itself (using rollers, massage balls, etc.), massage gun is more suitable for quickly relaxing a wide range of muscles. For example, after riding ESK8 or exercising, if you feel that the muscles of the front and back of both thighs are tight, then just use our massage gun, and you can save a lot of time.The following is a summary of the use of fascia gun tips & precautions:

1.Identify the trigger point

In addition to pressing the muscles to find the trigger point, you can also search for "body parts trigger point" on Google, and you will find a schematic diagram indicating the trigger point.

2.Choose a suitable massage head according to the part

Many massage guns are equipped with various massage heads of different shapes and sizes, so users can choose a suitable massage head to use according to the massage location.

For example, a larger ball-shaped massage head is suitable for relaxing a wide range of muscles, and a smaller pointed cone massage head is suitable for relaxing small muscles such as arms. Reluctantly using an unsuitable massage head to massage, may cause excessive stimulation of small muscle groups, alleviate soreness, but have an adverse effect.

3.Change the massage angle / point of application

Fascia may be sticky, and the trigger points are hidden in the muscles. The depth and location of the fascia and the trigger points in the muscles that each person sticks to the tissues are not the same, so use a massage gun to massage At the same time, you can try to change the massage angle. For example, in addition to aiming the massage gun vertically at the muscles, you can also hold the massage gun obliquely and transform it into different angles such as 45 degrees and 30 degrees.

Try to use different angles to massage and relax the muscles, and find the massage gun massage angle that is most suitable for you, which may achieve a better muscle relaxation effect.

4.Don't make the vibration too strong

The vibration intensity of the massage gun is not good as strong as possible.

Vibration can inhibit pain, so during use, it may make the massage area feel dull, which means it is less easy to feel pain. At this time, if the intensity of the massage gun is too strong and the tissue can be loaded, the user may not feel the pain. After use, it is likely to have an adverse effect. Therefore, it is recommended that you only need to adjust the vibration intensity when using the massage gun, and you can feel the vibration or slight soreness during use. It is not necessary and recommended to adjust to high intensity.

5.Do not use too long time

The use time of the massage gun is not as long as possible. Each part stays for 5 to 10 seconds at a time and repeats for 3 to 5 minutes to be effective. If the massage head is a pointed shape with a small contact area, you must pay more attention to the use time and try not to exceed 3 minutes. A ball-shaped massage head with a larger contact area can be used for up to 5 minutes.

6.Obvious inflammation / severe pain, please do not use

The purpose of the massage gun is to relax and relieve general muscle soreness and tightness, but not to treat diseases. Therefore, if the muscles have obvious inflammation symptoms (redness, swelling, heat, pain, etc.), or severe pain, etc., it is not recommended to use the massage gun by yourself, but to seek the assistance of medically licensed physicians, physical therapists and other professionals .

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