Dual fsesc4.20 smart--An ESC you must own

Diy electric skateboard adventurers, we have talked about the difference between Dual FSESC4.20 SMART and Dual FSESC4.20 Plus in this blog last time:https://bit.ly/3zWtxR1.Some friends have tried the dual fsesc4.20 smart and highly praised it.We appreciate all your trust and support. 

“If the existing FSESC 6.6 was a little difficult to control with the aggressive output when it was a street-type board specification. The new FSESC 4.20 smart was able to provide smoother output and delicate control.Personally, I think it is an ESC with sufficient output and delicacy at the same time, which makes it better suited to street-type eboards.These attempts were fun and interesting. It was enjoyable enough”. From KAMi JUINs.

The wonderful riding and the advantages of dual fsesc4.20 smart are fully demonstrated in the video. What's more, our dual fsesc6.6 and dual fsesc4.20 plus also were taken out for comparison. You can choose the right ESC according to your requirements. Excellent video here:


Another popular youtuber Zac Patterson also evaluated the dual fsesc4.20 smart. In addition to the detailed welding and installation steps, the VESCtool parameters setting skills and excellent sliding are even more impressive. Let's take a look at how he improved his off-road board:

Get dual fsesc4.20 smart here:https://bit.ly/3DXSUEp

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