DIY Battery Pack With Spot Welder FS-SW1- Reviews

FS-SW1 is the most modern and intelligent mini hand-held portable battery spot welder in 2021. It's perfect not only because of its highly praised appearance and good quality. What makes this spot welder unique is its function.

First of all, there are three different spot welding methods for your choice, Split welding pen welding/Foot pedal control welding/Integrated weldingpen welding. Moreover, FS-SW1 is battery powered, OLED display can show high and low voltage warning. Using the new spot welding technology, and intelligently switching automatic or manual working mode to meet different needs. It is a flexible and efficient welding tool.

Albert Nario, who evaluated the FS-SW1 spot welder, said: "This is a great spot welder, small and quality build. it's good for DIYers like me or for person who make lots of battery pack.It's compact and reliable, not most spotwelder can do like this.For it's reliability. you can depend on one spot welder for your all battery pack project. also for it's programable function."

Nowadays, battery packs have been widely used in electronic products, rechargeable batteries, ebikes,esk8,electric cars, balance cars, airplane models, ship models, electronic tools, etc. Due to the diversity of battery shapes and volumes and the limitation of power supply methods, traditional welding machines lack flexibility. Thus, FLIPSKY FS-SW1 was born!


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