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Recently, some of the motor quality problems were reported in the forum. And Barbara didn't reply one by one in time due to its not her main job.

The solder balls left in motors is the most concernd issues, here's our response: Our motors used 12awg silicone wires, it is more expensive, softer and more convenient for diy users. In order to solder the motor wires with the motor, we must go through the welding process.
It is unavoidable to create some solder balss. According to our manufacturer's feedback, there are more than 8,500 motors shipped produced by such process, and they are also sold to some well-known e-skateboard company and some customers in the forum. (It is not convenient to disclose the name of them). The shipment has accumulated for two years and has not received any feedback on such issues.

 After receiving the feedback from customer, we have randomly opened several stocks to check the product. eg. BLDC 6354 motors. The inner side status is normal.


Such defect is individual problem, not a batch problem.In order to dispel everyone's doubts, we already returned all the inventory products to the factory for disaseembling and 100% check and test. The picture of the production line inspection will continue to be updated later.

disasemble motor case to check solder balls      clean solder balls

We have been actively communicated with the manufacturer to completely eliminate this matter, and finally have a good result, the manufacturer will soon cut in fixture to avoid solder balls in "Pasting welding material"  and "Soldering" process. Here's video for explanation.


Those who have already purchased our products don't worry too much about the risk. The previous process has been tested by the manufacture and market. Some well-know eskateboard company and customers in the forum have been purchasing for two years and the quality is reliable. Thank you for giving Flipsky the opportunity to do it better and better.

Finally,  please help us to run on a company's normal service way. If any after-sale issues can be feedbacked here: Flipsky-service@outlook.com, it would be highly appreciated! 


                                                                                                                 Flipsky Team


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