How to mount 8mm bearing wheels to 10mm shaft 15.22” Double Kingpin Trucks?

It is necessary to change the bearings of the wheels sometimes, because not all trucks and wheels are perfectly matched. Today, we will take 6 "ATM off road wheels and 15" DKP trucks as an example to teach you how to change the wheel bearings 8mm-10mm and installation by using the simplest and quickest way. There's no need to buy any other special tools.

To start, protagonists appear:

Flipsky 15.22 DKP truck:

  • Length 15.22” , shaft 10mm
  • Stand over 150kg weight
  • Aluminum hardness reached out HRB65 around .

6 ATM Off road wheel :

  • Size:6'' ATM 150x50mm
  • Tire Width: 2''
  • Axle diameter:1/2"
  • Loading Capacity:120KG
  • Wheel bearing:608
  • Pulley Teeth: 60T
  • Belt:335mm,15mm Width
  • Bearing diameter: 8mm


Step 1:Disassemble the wheels

Step2:Use a hammer to get the 8mmbearings down carefully


Step3:Change the bearings 8mm to 10mm

Step4:Use a hammer to get the 10mm bearings in the wheels carefully


Step5:Assemble wheels with 10mm bearings

Step6:Wheel with 10mm finished


Step7:Mount the 6” ATM off road wheels to 15.22” DKP trucks

Step8:Tighten the screws

Step9:Assemble completed




1.If you use the custom 15.22” DKP, two shaft sleeves are needed to be added in the two sides of the front wheels.

2.Be careful to avoid damaging the accessories!

3.See more detailed tutorial video here:







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