About flipsky shipping notice!!!

Due to affected by COVID-19, there was some countries can't send 4PX normal,as below:
But don’t worry,  DHL are available for most of the countries now. Only except for India.


Cayman Island-Suspension

Estonia-Suspended delivery


Latvia-Suspended delivery



Sudan-suspension of delivery

Uzbekistan-suspension of delivery

El Salvador-suspension of delivery

Slovenia-Suspended delivery

Spain-suspension of delivery

Panama-suspension of delivery

Sri Lanka-suspension of delivery


Chile (Easter Island)-Suspension

Mumbai-suspension of delivery

Kolkata-suspension of delivery

Chennai (Madras)-suspension of delivery

Aruba-suspension of delivery

Hubei, China -Suspended for Posting

Colombia -suspended

Cyprus -suspended

Czech Republic Suspension

Danish suspension of delivery

Kuwait suspension of delivery 

El Salvador Suspended for Posting

Lithuania suspension of delivery 

Marshall Islands Suspension 

Moldova suspension of delivery 

Montenegro suspension of delivery 

Posting suspended for Poland 

Saudi Arabia suspends delivery 

Serbia Suspension 

Ukraine Suspension of Posting 

Remark: we will continue updating above information, and if when you choose one that can't ship we will automatically help to change to DHL or others that can ship by air.

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