Anti-Spark Switch (784554360892)
Antispark Switch Smart 280A (784554360892)
Antispark Switch Smart 280A (784554360892)
Antispark Switch (784554360892)
FLIPSKY anti-spark switch (784554360892)
anti-spark switch (784554360892)

Antispark Switch Smart 280A for Electric Skateboard /Ebike/ Scooter/Robots

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  • V2.1
  • PCB thickness: 6 layers*3oz copper=18oz copper
  • Max continuous 280A, burst current 800A
  • Max voltage: 10S (13S only support for the standard FSESC4.12 50A)
  • Mosfets: NVMFS5C628NL 
  • PCBA Dimensions(with heatsink and heat shrink): 49.5*33.5*12.7mm
  • LED Button cable length: 270mm  
  • LED button diameter:16mm
  • Smart: skate your board to power on , Stay still for 3 minutes automatically power off
  • LED button: press 1second to power on, press 2seconds to power off


  1. Do not peel off the heat shrink in your application.There’s no screw to lock the heatsink and PCBA. Only the heat-transfer silicon pad is naturally sticky to heatsink and PCBA.
  2. The LED button is defaultly inserted in the switch in shipping status, DO NOT power on switch without the LED button connected.



        Antispark SwitchAntispark SwitchAntispark SwitchAntispark SwitchAntispark Switch



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