Anti-Spark Switch
Antispark Switch Smart 280A
Antispark Switch Smart 280A
Antispark Switch
FLIPSKY anti-spark switch
anti-spark switch

Anti spark Switch Smart 280A for Electric Skateboard /Ebike/ Scooter/Robots

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  • Spec:
  • V2.1
  • PCB thickness: 6 layers*3oz copper=18oz copper
  • Max continuous 280A, burst current 800A
  • Max voltage: 10S (13S only support for the standard FSESC4.12 50A)
  • Mosfets: NVMFS5C628NL 
  • PCBA Dimensions(with heatsink and heat shrink): 49.5*33.5*12.7mm
  • LED Button cable length: 270mm  
  • LED button diameter:16mm
  • Smart: skate your board to power on , Stay still for 3 minutes automatically power off
  • LED button: press 1second to power on, press 2seconds to power off

    Reminder:Do not peel off the heat shrink in your application.There’s no screw to lock the heatsink and PCBA. Only the heat-transfer silicon pad is naturally sticky to heatsink and PCBA.



    Antispark SwitchAntispark SwitchAntispark SwitchAntispark SwitchAntispark Switch