Nano Remote Controller (763403337788)
2.4G Nano Remote Controller (763403337788)
Remote Controller (763403337788)
Flipsky 2.4G Nano Remote Controller (763403337788)
Remote Controller receiver (763403337788)

2.4G Nano Remote Controller for Electric Skateboard

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Function Features:

1. Support 2 Speed mode:  Up high speed (1.5-2)  &  Down low speed (1.5-1.7)

2. Alert light:   Green:  Low voltage alert and connection lost alert(binding alert) & 

                       Red: High-charging indication

3. Expand module switch:  second channel for adding light or speaker (Not support so far)

4. Reverse switch: to change forward and backword direction

Kindly Reminder:

  • This remote controller is compatible with VESC and FSESC series products, while the reverse function is useless.
  • Every time power on the remote controller, it will automatically match with your eskateboard! 

2.4G nano remote controller used in electric skateboard


 2.4g remote controller ESC receiver used in electric skateboard!



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