AntiSpark Switch Pro 280A
AntiSpark Switch Pro 280A
FLIPSKY anti-spark switch
AntiSpark Switch Pro for electric skateboard
AntiSpark Switch Pro for electric skateboard 280A

Anti Spark Switch Pro 280A for Electric Skateboard /EBike /Scooter/Robots

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  • V2.0
  • PCB thickness: 6 layer*3oz copper=18oz copper
  • Max continuous 280A, Burst current 800A
  • Max voltage: 13S (60V)
  • Dimensions(with heatsink and heat shrink): 40mm*28.5mm*9.1mm
  • Mosfets:NVMFS5C628NL 
  • LED button diameter: 12mm 

Reminder : the LED button is defaultly inserted in the switch in shipping status, DO NOT  power on switch without the LED button connected.

    Electric spark hazards

    Antispark switch pro high quality

     delicate details

    antispark switch pro connection diagram

    widely application range of the antispark swtich

    Something You Should Know About Flipsky Anti-Spark Switch

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