How to Use FSESC 75200 Alu PCB l VESC Firmware 5.3 for E-Scooter

This time we will use VESC firmware 5.3 to set the parameters of FSESC 75200 with Alu. PCB for e-scooter.

FSESC 75200 with Alu.PCB:

Tips for flipsky 75 series ESCs upgrade (firmware 5.3):

Step 1: Complete the wires connections (USB connection for parameters settings via VESC TOOL)

Step 2: Parameters settings via vesc_tool firmware version 5.3 (DONOT FORGET to turn off the phase filter, or the esc will be damaged)

Set the "Phase Enable Filters" selection to: FALSE, according to the following figure, write in at the same time, and go to the next automatic parameter settings:

Step 3: Motor FOC Settings

When entering the parameters setting interface, please select restore "NO" according to the following figure, no matter dual or single escs.

Choose the motor accordingly, and fill in the corresponding data.

Detect FOC Parameters: Tick if it is a dual ESC, untick it if it is a single ESC.

Step 4: ADC throttle input setup

Push and pull the accelerator and brake to the maximum

After the calibration completed, rememter to click "apply" and then click "next"


Full operation video link:

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